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Billy is dedicated to preserving the North Country way of life.


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Economic Development

Retaining our Work Force

This issue is imperative to sustaining and growing economic development throughout the North Country. It is becoming an ever increasing trend for young native professionals to leave the North Country to pursue their career in a geographical area that offers more opportunity for growth. In order to retain these competent young professionals and attract families from outside the North Country to our area, we need to promote a way of life that fosters good education, a safe living environment and continue to expand on businesses and cultural attractions that accommodate our residents.

In addition, the North Country needs to continue to invest in training and education in our vocational trades. By doing this, we will maintain a healthy workforce in providing jobs to the area while satisfying the needs for residents and businesses in our community.

Attracting Tourism

This issue is vital to the sustainability of retail businesses, hotels and restaurants throughout the North Country. We are very fortunate to have many inherent resources in the form of: mountains for hiking and skiing, lakes for fishing, boating and swimming, and wildlife for hunting and camping. These abundant natural resources need to be advertised in a manner to attract and increase tourism throughout the area. Over the past century, the Adirondacks have become a destination for families and travelers; it’s our job to continue to promote this area in a way that appeals to a broader audience by offering more attractions and new businesses. The North Country needs to be committed to increasing tourism by attracting and expanding new hotels, restaurants and attractions in order to supply tourists with nice accommodations and a wide variety of options.

Bridge and Highway Infrastructure

Roads and bridges are old and dilapidated with decreasing funding from state and federal sources.

In order to provide a safe and secure transit infrastructure for our residents and tourists it is necessary to continually maintain the roads and bridges throughout Franklin County. It is getting increasingly challenging to secure funding from state and federal sources in order to maintain some of the old and dilapidated roads and bridges. Unfortunately, our current tax base cannot supply the funding to cover the ongoing and increasing demand for maintenance on our infrastructure that is why it is essential that we come up with a sustainable economic plan to pay for this increasing but yet necessary demand.

Reducing the Tax Burden

High property taxes deter residents and businesses from staying in the North Country.

The North Country needs to keep taxes to a minimum to deter residents and businesses from leaving the North Country. We need to increase economic development through tourism and agricultural businesses which in turn will increase tax revenue and help us meet challenges of rising costs throughout the North Country. We need to consolidate and limit government where it is necessary to limit the tax levy.

Protecting the North Country Way of Life

Hunting and activities involving fire arms in the North Country have been a recreational past time for generations and continue to be a way of life for many in our area. The recent gun laws proposed in Albany limit residents and people that come to the North Country to hunt and participate in other recreational activities involving fire arms, by restricting certain guns and ammunition clips from use. More importantly, the proposed laws infringe rights given to US citizens through the Constitution. These restrictions deter people from hunting in the North Country and consequently affect our local economy and gun dealers on what they can sell. Hunting provides a generous revenue stream to the North Country and is a highly valued recreational activity by many. We need to support gun owners’ rights by opposing laws that would infringe upon those rights and encourage the residents of the North Country and people from outside the area to utilize the inherent resources of the North Country through such recreational activities as hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. These efforts will continue to protect the North Country way of life.